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Barbie Astro Fashions

In 1968, Barbarella came to the big screen.  Jane Fonda was the inter-galactic heroine whose sexy space-outfits and comic adventures, not to mention the set design, created a classic portrait of the free-thinking and hallucinatory sixties.  Barbie's 1986 Astro Fashions remind me of a G rated version of Barbarella.

Welcome to Venus      Galaxy a Go Go      Dazzling Dancer
Welcome to VenusGalaxy a Go GoDazzling Dancer

Starlight Slumber      Space Racer      Barbarella
Starlight SlumberSpace RacerBarbarella    

1985 Astronaut Barbie        1985 Astronaut Barbie
1985 Astronaut Barbie


Spectra of Shimmeron

Mattel released the Spectra line in late 1986, a year and a half after the debut of Hasbro's Jem line, fully expecting to capitalize on Jem's popularity.  By this time however, Jem had already peaked and was falling out of favor.  Spectra was not greeted with great enthusiasm by the consumers, and never came close to Mattel's expectations.

With multi-jointed metallic colored bodies and ultra-stylized makeup, Spectra was an extreme departure from the familiar Mattel 11 ½" doll.  Perhaps a little too extreme for the target age.  Mattel had released Astronaut Barbie with a line of space fashions in 1985/6.  Had the space travel rage already run its course for the era?  Whatever the reason, the Spectra line ran less than a year before it went out of production.  This line has always been one of my favorites.

Spectra and Sparks Giftset      Tom Comet
Spectra and Sparks GiftsetTom Comet

AstraGold      StylaBlue      UltraViolet

~ My Spectra Family Deboxed ~

Spectra of Shimmeron and Friends
StylaBlue ~ Tom Comet ~ Spectra ~ AstraGold
(UltraViolet was visiting Shimmeron)

Spectra Fashions

Twelve fashions were created for the Spectra line, eleven for Spectra and her girlfriends and one for Tom Comet.  Each fashion was made with metallic or opalescent material and netting to give it a futuristic look.  Lace was also a common factor in these fashions, attempting to soften the styles enough to appeal to young girls.  Again, Mattel miscalculated its target age.  Even through the packaging, the outfits looked stiff and difficult to handle, uninviting for play.  I have to say that the outfits themselves were unimaginative, relying on metallics and lace rather than style.

Nonetheless, I loved the Spectra dolls for their uniqueness and, as these were their fashions, no other outfits would do.  I have to admit, I was also drawn to the spectacular packaging of the entire line.  Each box was done in metallic foil, with the Spectra name in a spectrum of colors across the front.  Yes, I fell for a typical advertising ploy.  But, they were only out for a year, and I still enjoy the way they reflect the light and catch my eye today.

Party Dress 3614      Sunsuit 3615      Ball Gown 3616
Party Dress #3614Sunsuit #3615Ball Gown #3616 

Casual Pantsuuit 3617      Travel Wear 3619      Sleep Set 3620
Casual Pantsuit #3617Travel Wear #3619Sleep Set #3620  

Exercise Outfit 3723      At-Home Wear 3724      Dress-Up Outfit 3727
 Exercise Outfit #3723At-Home Wear #3724Dress-up Outfit #3727 

Shopping Outfit 3728      Evening Gown 3729      Tuxedo 3730
Shopping Outfit #3728Evening Gown #3729Tuxedo #3730      

~ Items On This Page Are Not For Sale. ~


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