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Mod Era Barbie Care

Cleaning Mod Era Barbie
 Cleaning the TNT body, limbs, face, and hair.


Cleaning Mod Era Barbie Clothing
 Procedures for whitening whites and removing odors.


Rerooting Barbie
 Knot, needle anchor, two-needle, & punch methods.


Restyling Mod Era Barbie Hair
 My hair length chart. Styling TNT bangs, flip, & pin curls.


Small Mod Barbie Repairs
 Leg nicks, neck splits, stains, discoloration.


Rerooting Tools and Materials
 List of products and tools I use for cleaning and restoring.

Barbie Bazaar Reference
 Mod Era Barbie articles and Bibliography for this section.

A Portrait of Mod Colors
Barbie in Mod Colors


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