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ModColors of Barbie
I am not currently selling.
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Leicester Square

Barbie Display Cases of Hard Acrylic Plastic
Various Sizes

Front Opening Case
Small Display Case
4" x 13" x 3"
Perfect for storage or display
1 available
$12.00 each
Bottom Opening Case
Bottom Opening Display Case
5" x 14" x 4"
Black base, not shown
2 available
$20.00 each
Back Opening Case
Back Opening Display Case
8" x 13" x 9"
Holds up to 3 vintage dolls
1 available
$26.00 each


Slide Top Opening Case
Wall Hanging Display Case
10" x 14" x 3"
Notched for wall hanging
2 available
$32.00 each
Hinged Top Opening Case
Hinged Wall Hanging Display Case
12" x 14" x 4"
Notched for wall hanging
4 available
$36.00 each

Mattel Barbie Store Display Case

Mattel Display Case   
22" x 13" x 10" 
Holds up to 10 dolls
Mirrored Back


Cabinet Display Case with Sliding Doors

Large Wall Display Case
Custom made for me:  42" x 26" x 6"
Wall Hanging with Mirrored Back
Holds up to 36 dolls with stands
(Local Pick-up Only in SC)
3 available


Barbie Doll Stands

Kaiser Barbie Stands
Kaiser Barbie Stands
Pink available only
$3.00 ea./$25.00 per dozen
X-Stands, Clear
Barbie Clear X-Stands
Japan or Taiwan
$12.00 each
X-Stands, White or Pink
Barbie X-Stands
Taiwan or Korea
$10.00 each

Barbie Wig Stands

Solid Wood, Hand Painted
Barbie Wig Stands
Set of 3
Mattel Acrylic
Barbie Acrylic Wig Stands
Set of 4

Barbie Mannequins

Clear Mannequin
Barbie Clear Mannequin
Black Mannequin
Barbie Black Mannequin
Blush Mannequin
Barbie Flesh Mannequin
Green Mannequin
Barbie Green Mannequin
Pink Mannequin
Barbie Hot Pink Mannequin

Please Note ~ All display cases and stands have been used to display my own Barbies.
They are not new, and may have minor scratches.



Email me for purchase information.

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