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Small Mod Barbie Repairs
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Face Nicks & Pin Pricks
Acrylic Nail Kit (Nailene has pink, peach, and white powder in one set.)
10/0 Liner sable paint brush.
I take a very small amount of nail material (blended to closely match vinyl color) on the tip of a brush, apply it to the tip of the nose, shape it with a toothpick., and let it dry.  I further shape the repair with a metal needle file, then smooth it with #1000 sandpaper if necessary.  I've read that missing fingers can be rebuilt the same way.
Painting the Repair
If the nail acrylic doesn't closely match the vinyl, I would work with PrismaColor markers, blending Peach and Blush Pink, trying to match the doll's coloring.  It is difficult to do, but using the tinted nail acrylic powder seems to make matching less of a task.
I've also tried matte acrylic paint thinned with water, lightly painting the repair, allowing it to dry for half an hour, and applying another light coat of paint.  It usually takes several coats.  I've never gotten the color to match exactly this way.
Split Neck, Feet, and Knees
SUREHOLD Plastic Surgery #302   ~New Addition~
Plastic Surgery comes in a tube, similar to Crazy Glue or Super Glue.  But that's where the similarity ends.  The difference is, this stuff doesn't dry out.  It is specifically formulated for use on nylon, polystyrene, PVC, urethane, etc., so it's perfect for vinyl.  Simple to use, it's a one step process.  I just put a couple of drops into the split, hold it together for a minute, then let it set for about two hours.  I use a metal needle file to sand off any excess glue.  The same process is used for split knees and feet.
Tip: TNT Barbie dolls should be stored with the legs clicked back no more than once.
This will prevent splits in the vinyl at the back of the knees, and still avoid 'baggy' knees in the front.
White Spots on Legs
Why the Mod dolls were dyed after the body parts were created instead of mixing the dye with the vinyl is beyond me, but it has caused white or faded spots to occur on the Mods' arms and legs.  For small spots, I use Prismacolor Artist Markers in Blush Pink and Peach with the Blender Pen.  I use the blender pen on the area, then the colors, blending them together with my finger. The colors dry very fast, but can be reblended or removed with the Blender Pen, thank goodness.  I haven't tried dying legs with large patches of white, so I have no idea whether it would work or not.  I doubt the resulting coloring would be uniform, unless changing a Barbie to a Christie.
No Green Ear Cure
I have never successfully removed green ear discoloration from a Mod Era Barbie. Mattel used a different vinyl and coloring process than was used for earlier Barbies, and the reaction to chemicals is not the same. At best, the area turned white... at worst, it turned varying shades of brown. In either case, the green eventually returned, leaching from the inside. Therefore, I have no recommendations for accomplishing this fete. There are doll restorationists, such as Krista's Doll Restoration, who might be able to do it for you. Contact Krista through her website,

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