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Tools and Materials

A perfect TNT Barbie I may never own, but I try to help the dolls I can afford look their best. Through trial and error, I've accumulated a list of what works for me in my quest to rebeautify my TNTs. I take no credit for these, they are other collectors' ideas and discoveries. They just work for me with my Mod Era Barbies. Use these products at your own risk, please.  Do not start with your favorite Barbie!  Practice first!

Cleaning Supplies:
Twin Pines Formula 9-1-1  Twin Pines
(Formula 409® Pro by Clorox)
Twin Pines Perk and Booost for clothing
Unscented cat litter for removing odors 
Acid free tissue paper for kitty litter process
Palmolive or other gentle clear dishwashing liquid
3M O-Cel-O™ Light Duty Sponge Scrubber
Soft Scrub® with bleach
Johnson's® Baby Powder or Unscented Talc
White 100% cotton kitchen towels
Q-tips®, a large supply
Cotton balls
Gentle bristle tooth brush for cleaning hard stains
Bounce® sheets 'unscented' for hair static
Straight Arrow® Mane and Tail Shampoo / Conditioner Mane & Tail
  (this can be found in Wal-Mart's pet dept.)

Head/Body Repair:
SUREHOLD® Plastic Surgery (302)  (any hardware dept.)
Very fine sandpaper (#1000)
Acrylic Nail Kit (Nailene® Acrylic Sculpture Liquid with
  Nailene® Powder Trios - pink, peach, & white in one set.)
Fine files for acrylic nails or a needle file set
10/0 Liner sable paint brush   (I use Robert Simmons)
5/0 Spotter sable paint brush
Tooth picks
Rit Dye Rose Pink #7 and Peach #048
  for dying heads or limbs
Prismacolor® Art Markers – Art store or online  Blick Art
  Blush Pink  010, Deco Peach  011, Sand  070, 
  Dark Brown  088, Light Walnut  089,
  Clear Blender Pen  121 (I have several of these.)

Hair Rerooting, Styling:
Saran hair for rerooting (Kathy has the best) RestoreDoll
Metal dog or cat flea comb
Small professional hair cutting scissors
Needlepoint Scissors (sharp point)
Barbie bobby pins - or regular ones cut and bent to size
3/16" light, 1/4" medium orthodontic rubber bands
Styling Gel or Clear Mascara (I use Max Factor Natural)
Small Baggies and twist ties
7" beading needle  (e.g. Lacis LB86)  Lacis
5" doll or soft sculpture needles 12.7cm.  (e.g. Dritz)
Needle threaders (several, they break)
Hemostat, straight (or long needle nose pliers)
Curling Iron, 3/8 inch dual heat (I use a Curlmaster®)
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape 1/2"
Plastic wrap
Latch (or sewing) Hook, very fine #4/0 

Face/Nail Painting:
Synthetic Paint Brushes ~ 10/0 Round, 18/0 Round, 18/0 Liner
  (Loew-Cornell Comfort and Miniature brushes come in these sizes)
Rubbing Alcohol
Liquitex Acrylic Matte Varnish (No gloss!)
Liquitex Medium Viscosity Acrylics* ~ Cadmium Red Med Hue 151, Light Magenta 700, 
Raw Umber 331, Apricot 836, Cerulean Blue Hue 470, Titanium White 432, and Mars Black 276.

Delta Ceramcoat® Set*I started with this little set to see if I should even
attempt the painting:

Delta Ceramcoat® Super Value Basic Colors Paint Pot Set

A good starter set, this can be found in Wal-Mart
or Michaels Craft Stores.

Now, you're ready to restore a Mod Era Barbie! 

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