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Barbie Bazaar Mod Era Reference

Barbie Bazaar has published a wealth of information about the Mod Era Barbie.  I just wish there were more than five TNT covers.  In recent years, it seems that Bazaar has shifted focus toward the Silkstone and Contemporary dolls.  Although I understand why, my personal interest in reading the magazine cover to cover has somewhat waned.  I do still peruse the pages for articles dedicated to my favorite Barbie.  I've kept a list of Mod Era articles, and restoration information pieces that I've found interesting or helpful.  If I've missed an article relating to the Mod Era girls, please let me know.  Many of these articles are really fantabulous!  eBay is always a good source for old Barbie Bazaar issues.

Addendum  In May 2006, Murat Caviale, Inc. ceased publication of Barbie Bazaar.  After eighteen years, I join many readers all over the world in saying goodbye to an old friend.


 January  Vintage Barbie Restoration: Fixing Neck Splits, Marsteller  p. 26
 March  Obscure Fur, Sturgill p. 26  (Appreciation of the Mod Era Winter Fashions)
 March  Barbie Talks, Sturgill p. 35  (Meet Gwen Florea, the 'Voice' of Barbie)
 May  Stacey: The "Nite" You've Been Waiting For, Greening p. 22
 May  Thank You & Goodbye, Karen Caviale and Marlene Mura p. 14  Photos p. 15


 May  Barbie's Psychedelic Fashions '60s-'70s, Nieses p. 42-44  (Cutesy posed pics)
 May  A New Way to Protect Barbie's Ears, Nieses p. 45, 47  (Earring protectors)
 September  Vintage Restoration: Ponytail Madness, Marsteller p. 35  (Not Mod)
 November  The Age of Aquarius, Padró-Campos p. 35  (See my Sylvia Campbell page)
 November  Braniff Airlines Reproduction, Font p. 67  (Sold in France only)


 April  That Flip!, Varaste p. 65  (Mod Barbie on pp. 67-68)
 April  Mod Jewelry, Blitman p. 91  (Another indispensable guide from The Man!)
 August  Julia, Romanotto p. 36  (Fantastic Article and Spectacular Photos)
 October  All Right, Pilgrims!, Blitman p. 78  (Great guide with outfits listed) 
 December  Pop Art Fashion, Romanotto p. 74  (Cool Photos!)


 February  This is Twiggy, Romanotto p. 25
 February  Francie, Varaste p. 58
 June  Vintage Pumps, Blitman p. 87  (Guide with outfits listed)
 August  Makeover Magic, Maher p. 24  Dan Lee Originals  (See my Dan Lee Girls)
 August  Ears To You! Barbie's Vintage and Mod Earrings, Sturgill  (Mod pp. 85-89,99)
 October  Knowledge is Power, Blitman p. 47 (Review of Barbie Reference Books)
 October  Made to Order: Sears 1970s Super Sets, Sturgill p. 91
 December  Obscure Objects of Desire Part 1, Varaste p. 34  (Mod Girls p. 42)
 December  Open-Toe High Heels, Blitman p. 80  (Guide with outfits listed)


 February  Obscure Objects of Desire Part 2, Varaste p. 33  (Mod Gift Sets pp. 58, 60)
 February  Changing Vintage Body Parts, Starner p. 62  (Mod Legs p. 63)
 February  Barbie Cases Old 'N New, Sturgill p. 64  (See My Mod Era Cases)
 April  British Accent: Meet Swingin' English Pal Stacey, Sturgill p. 36
 April  Remedies for Missing Hair, Starner p. 42  (I do not recommend this way!)
 June  Positively P.J., Sturgill, p. 60  (Wonderful article)
 June  Korean Secrets: The Last of the Twist 'N Turns, Gerling p. 70


 February  Recipe for a Reroot, Meili p. 90
 April  Firestarter! Vintage Redheads, Varaste p. 45 (Mod Era on pp. 52-53) Great!
 April  Smart Switch: Hair Happenin Barbie, Sturgill p. 54
 December  ~ TNT COVER ~ Recipes for a Reroot (Parts & Partials), Meili p. 68
 December  Obscure Objects of Desire, Varaste p. 35  (Mod Girls on pp. 42-44)


 February  Vintage Face Paint: Lips, Starner p. 103  (Not Mod Era, but helpful)
 April  Lighten Up!, Varaste, p. 53  Blond Hair Shades  (Mod Era on pp. 62-63)
 April  Hair Affair, Kobayashi, p. 64  Hairpieces  (Mod Era on pp. 67-69)
 April  Spots on TNT Legs question, Starner p. 120  (Important!)
 April  Vintage Face Blush and Hair Detangling questions, Starner p. 120
 June  Vintage Face Paint: Eyebrows, Starner p. 90  (Not Mod Era, but helpful)
 October  Vintage Face Paint: Eyes, Starner p. 112  (Not Mod Era, but interesting)


 April  Sock It To Me, Sturgill p.47  (Mod Era Hosiery, and how to put them on!)
 August  Barbie's Hair Affair, Mandeville p. 49  (Hair Styles and Texture)
 October  Rerooting question, Starner p. 97


 February  With-it Whites: Beginning of Clothing Restoration, Starner p. 78
 February  Hair Cleaning, Starner p. 79
 April  Totally Francie, Neises p. 47 (Great pic of dyed black Barbie)
 June  Color Me Barbie: The Mod Years, Caviale p. 51  (Coloring Books)
 August  Anniversary Issue showing 10 yrs of Bazaar covers  (Beautiful collectible)
 August  Barbie Fashion Booklets (1959-1973), Tashin p. 63
 October  Green Ear Disease Debate, Starner p. 82  (Interesting, but not for Mod Era)
 October  Perils of Green Ear Removal, Darden p. 85  (Not for Mod Era Dolls)
 December  Comments on Green Ear, Hill p. 92  (Response to October's Articles)
 December  First Aid for the Frizzies, Starner p. 98  (Works for Mod hair, too!)


 January  Pak Attack: Tiny Treasures from the Mod Years, Sturgill p. 43
 January  Making an African American Skipper and Francie, Neises p. 51
 January  Fabulous Francie, Sturgill p. 55
 January  Recipes for Restoring a Vintage Face, Valadez p. 70  (Helpful - Not Mod Era)
 March  Getting Down to the Root: Basics of Rerooting, Starner p. 95
 May  Barbie Paper Dolls, Caviale p. 47  (See Barbie Paper Doll Book)
 October  Neck Splits to Hip Sockets: A Repair Guide, Starner p. 72
 December  ~ TNT COVER ~  Well, Shake It Up Barbie, Kobayashi p. 35  (Twist 'N Turn)
 December  Closer Look at Mod, Walcher p. 49 (Short description of Standard, no pics)


 July  Doll Cleaning 101: The Basics, Starner p. 34  (Read carefully for Mod Era!)
 September  How Can I Make One, Neises p. 46  (Black TNT Barbie) See also Jan. 1997
 September  Doing the Do: Ponytail, Starner p. 76  (Cleaning & Perming Hair)
 November  Doing the Do: All Flipped Out, Starner p. 76  (TNT Flip Hairstyling)


 March  The Many Faces of Barbie Part II, Mandeville p. 30  (1967-1972)*
 May  The Many Faces of Barbie Part III, Mandeville p. 30  (1973-1987)*
 July  Air Barbie: Barbie's Life in the Skies, Arend p. 26  (Braniff pp. 29, 30)
 November  What Face Is That: Guide to KEN Face Molds, Goss p. 42  (Mod Ken, too!)
* If you were lucky enough to have been in your late teens to mid twenties during this time period, as Mandeville was, as I was, these two articles will bring back memories long relegated to the back of your mind.  I found myself in a virtual time machine, reliving those years through Mandeville's words.  Quite an experience!


 January  Return of the Mad Rerooter, Matsumoto p. 28  (Diagrams ~ Helpful)
 January  It's a Mod Mod Mod World Part 4 Outer Coats & Boots, Blitman p. 32
 March  Bosom Buddies: Barbie's Groovy Girlfriends, Sturgill p. 15  (Mod Girls!!)
 March  Return of the Mad Rerooter, Matsumoto p. 38  (Materials, Eyelashes)
 September  Janie Wright Talks, Wright p. 32  (Voice of the Talking Barbies)


 January  Exclusively Japan - TNT Era Francie, Elam p. 34  (Japanese Market Francie)
 January  Creative Solutions 2 - Taming Wild Hair, Jones, p. 47  (Use creme rinse!)
 January  Holiday in Tokyo, Kimura p. 49  (Japanese Market TNT Barbie Fashions)
 March  Barbie's Pumps, Heels and Spikes, Miller p. 34  (See Blitman Articles 2003)
 March  Creative Solutions 3 - Why Barbie's hair "Oxidizes", Jones, p. 47
 March  ~ TNT COVER ~  Mod Mobile Homes, Melillo p. 49  (Wonderful Pics!)
 May  Quirky Times in Barbieland, Sturgill p. 36  (Hairstyle Commentary)
 July  Rerooting Barbie Dolls, Jones p. 30  (Head Patterns)
 July  It's a Mod Mod Mod World Part 1, Blitman p. 45  (Outfits)
 September  ~ TNT SKIPPER COVER ~ Thoroughly Mod*ern Skipper, Sturgill p. 15
 September  Can We Talk?, Toth p. 25  (Interview with Lloyd Baker - Mod Era Talkers)
 September  It's a Mod Mod Mod World Part 2 ~ Sleepwear, Blitman p. 36
 September  Care and Repair, Jones p. 48  (Tinting White Spots)
 November  It's a Mod Mod Mod World Part 3 ~ Coats, Gowns & Dresses, Blitman p. 36


 March  ~ TNT COVER ~  Go Mod: Twist 'N Turn Barbie, Sturgill p. 26
 March  TNT Barbie's Fab Hair, Taylor p. 32  (Color Variations ~ Identifying Photos)
 November  Treasures of the "Dark Age", Foote p. 33  (Best Buy Fashions 1973-76)


 May  Wonderful Walking Jamie, Mandeville p. 24  (Neat Photos!)
 July  Twiggy, Mandeville p. 24


 March  ~ TNT COVER ~  Japanese Talking Barbie, Watanabe p. 13
 July  ~ LIVING BARBIE COVER ~ And Then I Met Ken, Mandeville p. 27 (Mod Era)
 November  Barbie Twist 'N Turn Era 1965 to 1968, Elam p. 29


 March  Rare, Rarer, Rarest, Sturgill p. 11  (Mod Era pp. 14-15)
 March  ~ Centerfold ~ Put-on & Pets, Fashion 'N Sounds, 1972 Fashion Originals
 May  Barbie Goes Braniff, Tahsin p. 22  (See my own actual Braniff Uniforms)
 September  Barbie Talks, Hart p. 10  (Cool article & Photo of Talking Mechanism)
 November  Twist 'N Turn Barbie in Japan, Watanabe p. 23  (Elusive Japanese Fashions)


 Premier  ~ Centerfold ~ Costume Shoppe  Mod Francie Fashions 1966-67
 September  Black Francie's Short Shelf Life, Caviale p. 10
 September  Ask Dr. Dan - Cleaning Dolls, Hair and Clothing, Wagner p. 18  (Outdated)
 September  Ask Dr. Dan - Repairing Bendable Legs; Replacing Arms, Wagner p. 19
 October  Ask Dr. Dan - Taking Apart a Talker, Wagner p. 18
 November  She's Fab, She's Hip, She's Mod...She's Barbie, Mandeville p. 22

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